Friday, October 12, 2012

Krispy Time

Thrifted set of clothes paired with my oxford shoes from Primadonna . That's my super look!
My aunt/cousin Alyssa, she's from Bacolod.
Quality time at Greenbelt! SuperLOL the eyebrows! Hahaha
 Chatime and Krispy Kreme! Free doughnuts coz it's their 75th Anniv. Happy Tummies!
Hopefully they will open a branch in BCD and ILO.
Happy Superbabe! :)
Happy Strawberry Gurl!

Happy 21st birthday to my Kruffin Date, Alyssa Jett Juno!
You're no longer a TEEN and remember BIG GIRLS DON'T BITE BUT FIGHT! Haha
Missed you so much! See you soon! :)

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