Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Drug Princess

Through PHARMACY, you can…
  • Help people live healthy lives
  • Give back to your community
  • Work closely with people every day
  • Work in a wide range of settings and have flexible hours
  • Look forward to a competitive salary and other benefits when you graduate
Pharmacy is a great career choice for the right person — someone who understands and appreciates the responsibilities involved with being a health practitioner. 
Pharmacists are consistently ranked as some of the most highly trusted professionals because of the important care and health-related services they provide.

HERE TO SERVE 24/7! :))

"Hey Mom, why Pharmacy?"  I've been asking this question for the nth times. This is not my choice, PHARMACY is THEIR choice! I want B.S. Psychology I am taking up Bachelor of  Science in Pharmacy and now a 3rd year student of University of San Agustin.                         


Study + Sleep = No Social
Sleep + Social = No Study
Social + Study = No Sleep

Duty Uniform
   Proper shoelaces must be in WHITE! Sorry Ma'am and Sir for my annoying orange playgirl shoelaces but it looks good on my SO! F.A.B. shoes! PEACEOUT! Don't forget your Nameplate, Pin, I.D. if necessary, and of course your SMILE! Be ready at all times. Be extra careful coz you're wearing your precious WHITE uniform. :))

Drug Addict Princess Look! Lols :D


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