Friday, November 2, 2012

All Soul's Day

NOVEMBER 2 is All Soul's Day, NOVEMBER 22 is my brother's birthday!
My brother's tomb.

Flowers and candles. :)
Foods we offered! Filipinos are fond of cooking "kakanins" in this occasion.
"Thank you for sending me my Father in HEAVEN" tarp of my Bro.
 My brother's tomb is located on the top of the hill. Here's the view.
 One of the islands of Concepcion. Lovely view on its closer shot! :)
Waiting for the sunset. Hey Alyssa, busy Instagramming? Lol
Twitter Bad Shot with Danielle! :\
Super like our twisted straws.
Fit 'n Right and twisted straws!
with my cousins and the photobombers! Haha
Patrizia (wearing pink) took this one.
Danielle, Me, Alyssa
Trying out to take some "kewl" shots for my blog.
Cherry Boom Boom Blossom!!!!

All Soul's Day is celebrated on the 2nd day of November.
We visited my brother at the cemetery. We brought candles, flowers, and  lotsa foods of course.
We missed you so much! It's been 5 years.
This day is NOT only the time we need to remember and pay a visit to our loved ones who passed away.
They will be out of our sight but they will remain in our hearts forever.

Life is an undying cycle. It is a battle of survival. 
If you quit, then you're a loser. If you fall, you stand up! 
If you keep on complaining about the miseries of your life, nothing will happen. 
GOD doesn't throw stones that we cannot catch.
God did not promise days without pain; laughter without sorrow; sun without rain but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears; and light for our way. Live with HIM and everything will turn out good. 
Have a blessed life.

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