Friday, December 6, 2013

Fake Centralians

Girls = nail polish, rings, armcandies, and everything ❤️
Little thing called, "FASH"! :)

So, who's the bestiest photographer? Def not me. See the difference? Hahaha
#Boodleslove (L-R: Bridget, Gerlie, Yen, Superbabe, Krizia)
#Boodleslove: (L-R; Bridgey, Gerlie, Superbabe, Jarby, Yen)
Curly hair, don't care!
Love the curls ❤️
#selfie 01
#selfie 02
Don't love me for FUN, let me be the ONE. ❤️
© Krizia

A day well spent at Central Philippine University during their Opening of Lights with Boodles. 

Augustinians turned Centralians for a day! :)

love love xx

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