Monday, January 14, 2013


I have to blog about my College friends. 
Sila ang major major supporter ko sa school and outside sang school man eh especially sa blog nga ni
We call our group as BOODLES. It'll cost a shit of paper to answer why. Very long scary story to tell. Lol
Lotsa students would say it's hard to find TRUE friends in College. 
Lain gd knu ya kung high school easy lang. I don't believe on that drama.
If you're easy to get along with, you can have friends as million as you can. 
Si Miss Friendship ko ya nga daan. :p 

I can be a best friend and worst enemy of yours.

BOODLES Photo Diary 
(January 2013)
Stolen shots are the best.

One thing in common: We love FASHION!

Here are my Sisters in School!
Bridget, Little Miss Pretty.
Jarby, Little Miss Swaggie.
Krizia, Little Miss Oozy. (sorry for that)
Gerlie, Little Miss Silly Bad Gerl.
Ayessa, Little Miss Smexy
Yen, my high school to college bestdude.


If there's a WIFI, they can't even greet Superbabe a HI!! Haha
Our fave spot in McDonald's is at the very edge table in the entrance near Chowking.
at Margec's Deli

Have you tried the sweetest delicacy of Iloilo?
Yummy CREAM HORN of Margec's Deli located at Jalandoni St.
For only P160.00 per box you can have this delicious Pasalubong to your family and friends.
Dinagyang Festival is coming. So tourists, don't forget to drop by here and try. 
3 pieces of Cream Horn can make you shout, "I LOVE ILOILO." Chos! Haha


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